Looking for best: 70m Single & Half / Outdoor / Projecting + Normal

Looking for best: 70m Single & Half / Outdoor / Projecting + Normal

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By MountainJack | Mar 14th 2020 |

Hey Everyone

I am looking for the best possible rope that I can find that is:

- lenght: 70m +
- single + halfrope
- can deal with the load/strain of projecting

What I will be doing:
Mainly I will be using it on single/multipitch crags. I won't be halfroping most of the time. I just want it to have the option for incase that I decide to do some halfroping this summer, I can buy another one.

I will also be trying to ascend certain key elements of the routes until i can finish them. So it has to be durable too.

What I am hoping for is to get a recommendation for a "best price to performace" and a "plain best rope" without the consideration of the price.

Some weather resistance would be great, since I am also planning to go out for a few days. And it would be nice to have a rope that can withstand some rain.

Thanks in advance

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Mar 16th 2020
So I went with the Edelrid Heron Pro Dry as a single rope. I decided that if I need to go halfroping I'll have to get a separate set of ropes, and then get lighter ones that aren't ment for projects by themselves.

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