Seb Bouin's Journey To Climb La Rage D'Adam 9b/+

04th February 2020
04th Feb 2020
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Check out EB's CLIMBING SHOE RANGE The Verdon Gorge is Seb Bouin's favourite place to climb, its where he has climbed many of his hardest routes and some of the hardest routes in France. 4 years ago his journey began trying to climb what he would go on to climb La Rage D'Adam, the cruxy overhanging route which he has now made the first ascent of and given a grade of 9b/+ , making it one of the hardest sport climbs in France. And after his recent history of climbing Move 9b/+, Patanics, 9a+/b and Mamichula 9b we reckon he might be onto one... Check us out on Instagram: EPICTV CLIMBING EPICTV SHOP EPICTV FRANCE CHECK OUT SEB Seb Bouin's Journey To Climb La Rage D'Adam 9b/+