EpicTV Weekly 9: Renegade filmmaker Lucas Brunelle, Mysto Euro Surf Spots, Worldís Biggest Rapids, MTB Editor Dan Milner

29th June 2012
29th Jun 2012
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00:55 EpicTV's spanking new MTB Editor Dan 'Captain Dynamo' Milner fills us in on his uncontrollable addiction to mountain biking since before the wheel was even invented until now. Dan's funny. || || 11:51 Line of Sight - Lucas Brunelle's controversial new film about alleycat races around the world drops July 1. We'll let these two quotes give you an idea of what to expect. 'Truth is by night I was a cat burglar sometimes for hire for insurance scams. I still won races and I did well even while charges were brought against me and..brunelle, you are a self righteous , vainglorious, smarmy little shitstain.' We love this guy. || || 22:48 EpicTV Surf Editor Dave Mailman feeds us the inside line on the Euro spots and surfers featured in Surfer Magazine's latest film, The Distant Shores. We want more Kepa Acero! 35:59 The Congo River's Inga Rapids is the most high-volume rapids in the world. It's a kilometer-and-a-half wide, kilometer long, muddy, raging, whirlpool-filled, boil-studded slice of complete and total hell, which has claimed many lives. Congo: The Grand Inga Project is a new film by Red Bull Media House that chronicles the rapids' extraordinary first descent by Steve Fisher, Benny Marr, Rush Sturges and Tyler Bradt. EpicTV Paddle Sports Editor Philippe Doux describes just how insane this accomplishment truly is. We're on a never-ending mission to improve our content, so if you dig this episode please Like us up so we'll know what works for you and what doesn't. Thanks for watching!