Booster S 2015


Booster S 2015

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Booster S 2015
Booster S 2015
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If primates had evolved with sticky rubber on their feet, you and I would’ve been born wearing the Booster S. Sensitive, light, and supple, the Booster S is a softer version of the Boostic – it’s designed for steep bouldering, wicked gym sessions, and anything overhanging. Tri-Tension Active Randing concentrates power and focus in the toebox and SCARPA’s fit stays precise for the life of the shoe. Pull it on and evolve into the Booster S.

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The natural evolution of the lead and bouldering world championship-winning compound, XS Grip 2 improves upon the superior grip characteristics of XS Grip and delivers outstanding precision of support, shape stability. Exceptional grip in every condition.
1/3 Length Vibram Sole puts the rubber only where you need it and keeps the shoe light.
Ultra Thin Support Ribbon provides support without compromising sensitivity
Vibram® XS Grip 2; 3.5mm
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