The HARDEST Crack Climb Ever Built?

14th September 2020
14th Sep 2020

his climb is harder than the recent crack we set with Magnus Midtbø. The Wide Boyz made some adaptions to Tom's cellar to build what could be the hardest indoor crack. This one ain't going to be easy. We take you through what its like to do half of the old crack route and then set about making it completely desperate Thumbnail photo Andrew Burr Instagram - andrew_burr 0:00 The HARDEST Crack Climb Ever Built? 0:56 Pete tests his base fitness 3:24 Tom tests his base fitness 5:51 Crack climbing in wellies 6:45 Setting a new project 9:59 How hard is the project?  SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel here: Find us: Follow us: Instagram: @wide_boyz Facebook: @wideboyzltd Twitter: @wide_boyz Contact us:

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