Hoyamoros, Hard Boulders (8A) (8B) (8C) | Jesús Muñoz (Chuchi)

09th January 2020
09th Jan 2020

Climbing video in Hoyamoros. Jesús Muñoz Vaquero (Chuchi) climbing some of the hardest boulder of Hoya Moros, Salamanca.

Portucuco 8B 0:30

Perfect Paradise 8A 1:44

Aurora sit 8B 2:29

El Legado 8B 4:38

Eterno Legado 8C 5:36

Narsil 8B+ 6:57

Pitxi-txi 8A+ 9:41

Directed and edited by Jesús Muñoz Vaquero Music: Sean Koch – Lift you up The Blaze – Runaway Nneka – Shining Star

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