An interview with Joe Brown

25th May 2020
25th May 2020

Joe Brown, originally a plumber’s apprentice from Manchester, took the British climbing world by storm after WWII. In the 50s and 60s, Joe’s dazzling performance on rock pushed British climbing standards, and, in 1955, he climbed Kanchenjunga: the third highest mountain in the world. Joe Brown died on 15 May 2020. We released this today (25 May) to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the first ascent of Kanchenjunga by Joe Brown and George Band. This film by Director Alun Hughes, George Smith, and Ray Saunders is a rare interview with Joe and stands as a tribute to this legendary climber. Read more about Joe Brown: This film is part of The Alun Hughes Collection. BMC TV is hosting the films of the The Alun Hughes Collection here on our YouTube channel. All films remain copyright Alun Hughes. We're the BMC. Climb walls, rock, hills, ice, or mountains? Join us.

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