Zero Gravedad - Climbing Documentary

27th August 2019
27th Aug 2019

In 2019, I was travelling around South America when I met Carlos Vargas, a local climber and instructor at the climbing school "Zero Gravedad" (, in Sucre (Bolivia). Carlos has an ambitious project: he wants to develop and popularise the sport of climbing in Bolivia. Because climbing is not an officially recognized sport in Bolivia, Carlos receives no funding from the government, which means he has to build his project from the ground up. Fortunately, for a climber, starting from the ground and working your way up is the most natural thing in the world.

Carlos has founded his climbing school "Zero Gravedad" and built an impressive climbing gym above his house, he teaches climbing classes, and he reinvests all the money he earns in gear to build new routes all around Bolivia. He dedicates all of his time, energy, money, and passion for the advancement of local climbing. This is not a mere project: it is his life’s work. It is a very long and demanding process, but Carlos is optimistic: "It is a dream, but we are looking forward to realizing it." That’s where I come in. After I met Carlos, I decided to create a short documentary detailing his project to share his story and hopefully raise money to give him the tools he needs to reach his goals.

I have launched a crowdfunding campaign where you can donate to help Carlos:

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