King Lines and 8B First Ascents • Aidan Roberts Bouldering in The Lake District

27th August 2021
27th Aug 2021

This week we join Aidan Roberts on a couple of days out around The Lake District. No Jim Pope, but Jimmy the pug stepped in as a back-up. Day one was spent up at Dove Crag, adding a fierce new line to the left of Dan Varians 'Rocking Specter', and ticking off a couple of other lines at the crag. Including the spectacular 'Impailed', which has to be a contender for one of the best boulders in The Lakes. Day two was an all too familiar soggy day at The Bowderstone, where Aidan made the first ascents of the full left to right and right to left low traverses.


Featuring: Aidan Roberts - Sam Lawson - Jimmy The Pug - N/A Jack Palmieri - Thanks for watching! Make sure to follow on Instagram:


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