Do Pro Climbers Have Fear of Falling? Stefano G, Dave G and others Share their Secrets

29th September 2021
29th Sep 2021

8 Professional / Elite climbers talk about Fear of Falling, 20m Falls, Skipping quickdraws, Falling on 9a Slabs and best tips for beginner Climbers.

Had huge pleasure to meet all of them in Céüse in one trip. Inspiring Humans!

00:00 Are You Ready?

01:28 Stefano Ghisolfi

04:25 Dave Graham

07:54 Alizée Dufraisse

09:24 Nonaka Miho

10:27 Sean Bailey

11:21 Christoph & Chiara Hanke

17:00 Alexander Rohr If you are getting value out of my videos and wanna feel good - consider supporting me: Because that makes a big difference and is the main reason I do this project! Deep Thanks! Ben

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