Bridge Crack Free Solo | Robbie reacts to your comments

26th February 2020
26th Feb 2020

Robbie returns to the perfect splitter hand crack under the bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland. After a challenge to his first ascent, Robbie channels his inner Alex Honnold to prove his climbing skills. But does he have the strength and technique to do it, or will he take the plunge ninja warrior style!? To keep up with more ridiculous climbing adventures hit subscribe, and make sure to ding the wee bell icon so you’re not late to the party! Follow Robbie Phillips, pro rock climber, and Culann O’Brien, Filmmaker, on ridiculous climbing adventures. From van life and travelling to wild places from Yosemite and Pakistan, to indoor climbing training in the climbing gym. All craic, no crap – it’s just pure unadulterated climbing! Social Robbie: Culann: Business Enquiries Email -

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